One of the core missions of Therapy Solutions is to support families in the process of getting evaluations for their child, learning about resources, accessing services and coping with psychosocial stress that impacts family life.

Parent Training

At times specific therapies presented in specific manners work best with an individual on the autism spectrum and it is imperative that parents are trained in these areas to ensure consistency in the individual’s life. Areas covered in Parent Training are specific to each individual but could range from approaches to work with an individual when they are non-compliant or in a time of stress to ways to foster or build independence on how to approach situations in the same manner that have been successful in a school or therapy situations.

Families with children with special needs may feel overwhelmed by their children’s diagnosis and unsure where to turn for help. The team assesses family needs and provides guidance for navigating systems to connect children and families to appropriate resources. They also offer emotional care and support. They empower parents to learn to be advocates for their children. When needed, the Family Support team speaks with parents who are waiting for an appointment and need assistance in the meantime.

Monthly support group

All families with children with autism spectrum disorder are invited to attend the Center’s monthly parent support group. The support group focuses on parent and caregiver experiences, successes, challenges, and family impact.

Educational programs and community outreach

The Family Support team coordinates the Center’s Autism Educational Series, a 6-week introductory class for parents of newly-diagnosed children with autism spectrum disorder and anyone interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder. The Autism Education Series is open to the community.